Professional Services

Serving Law Firms, Consulting firms and other Professional Services companies.We simplify the process by providing comprehensive bookkeeping, tax and financial management services

We offer a full range of small business accounting services to our clientele so they can focus on what they do best; grow their business. We enable our clients to relinquish managing their financial burdens to improve efficiency, save money and most of all time. Our firm specializes in a wide variety of services from complete Finance control as the Chief Financial Officer (Virtual CFO) to an annual Personal Tax Consultant. Our expertise extends from Personal and Corporate Tax laws, Financial and Banking trends; to proficiency in real-time Bookkeeping. Our experts specialize in IRS taxpayer transcript interpretation and the ability to reconstruct income using various sources such as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

We offer up-to-date information on financial management and tax laws. When necessary, we can offer even a larger team of experts to assist with other needs, including estimating, contract negotiations and bank financing.

Our Core Service Offerings Include:


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